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Descendants of Rubin Zellermayer

Rubin Zellermayer was born in Czernewitz (Husaiten?), Austria-Hungary on March 17, 1851 (1850?). He was one of a family of 12, 11 sons and one daughter. He had a good classical education, but no practical training. On arrival in New York City, he had to take manual work to survive. He was a supervisor of street workers. He died in New York City in 1923 and was buried there at age 72.

When he was 31 he married a girl 12 years his junior named Anna Herschkowitz; they were married in New York City. She had come to America from Hotteloff, a small village in Austria-Hungary. When she came to America she lived with a cousin and his wife, the Eigners, until she had earned enough money to bring over her mother, Lena Sarah Herschkowitz and her two brothers Joseph Herschkowitz and Jacob Herschkowitz (Jake). Jake shortened his name to Hersch and moved to Detroit, Michigan where he lived with his wife Molly Hersch. They had four children, three girls named Nettie Hersch, Annarose Hersch, and Matilda Hersch; and a son Solly Hersch.

Joseph Herschkowitz and his wife Eada Herschkowitz (Edith?) lived in Fremont, Ohio where they had two daughters, Mamie Herschkowitz and Sadie Herschkowitz, and a son, Alfred Herschkowitz. They lived on a small farm. Sadie went into show business and changed her name to Sheila Kimball.

Anna Zellermayer's mother, Lena Sarah, who had lost her husband in Europe, married a Max Goodman in Cleveland, Ohio. They spent their last years in the Montifiore Home in Cleveland.

Anna Zellermayer gave birth to all 12 of her children in New York City. Her first born died during the Great Blizzard of 1888; Then came Louis Zellermayer, born 1889; Morris Zellermayer (Ted Baker), 1891; Esther Zellermayer (Elsie), 1893; Charles Zellermayer, 1894; Frances Zellermayer, 1895; Emanuel Zellermayer, 1900; Sarah Zellermayer, 1901; Herman Zellermayer, 1905. Eight survived.

Esther changed her name to Elsie and married Joseph Francis Meade in Cleveland, Ohio. They had four boys, John Francis Meade (1915) (date); Eugene Lawrence Meade (date); Robert Emmett Meade (date); and Thomas Joseph Meade, February 3, 1930; also a girl, Eleanore Meade, who died in infancy.

Charles married Agnes Redman of Michigan. They had a son Robert and a daughter Charlotte, both of whom live in Florida.

Frances married Robert Shauger of New Jersey. They had two children, Robert, Jr., and Dorothy, who live(d) in California.

Sarah married Ben Jurwitz. They had one daughter, Jeanne Frances Jurwitz, in 1933. She lives in Troy, Idaho with her husband, Byron Hanson.

Herman married Lena Kramer. They had two daughters, Harriet and Lois.

Louis Zellermayer married Inger Westrom of Norway; no children.

Ted Baker married Reba Johnson (Bebee) of New Jersey, no children.

Emanuel Zellermayer married Rose Friedman in New Jersey; no children.

Rubin Zellermayer had a nephew, Sam Zellermayer, who lived in New York and Detroit. He had a wife, Lena, and two sons and a daughter.

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